Customized supply

  • Many well-known and powerful laboratories and bio-pharmaceutical with us has a long-term and stable relations of cooperation, focus on customized produce raw materials for many years. When you can not find the product you want in the market, do not be frustrated, contact us, we will make the professional analysis and production for your product.


  • Our long-term stable logistics companies are located in the north of China (Tianjin, Beijing, Qingdao), China's central (Shanghai), China's southern (Shenzhen, Guangzhou), and even Hong Kong, we can meet your different routes for different ports and other special needs.
  • In addition, as a professional trading company, our company has its own independent professional land equipment of small cargo for transportation, at emergency time ,we can meet the requirements that go to the factory picking or send the goods into the port, shorten the time of the land transport (factory - Division I - freight forwarding - customs), and also avoid the packaging wear during the process of transport caused.
  • Case show
    because of client import license period limiting, goods is requested to get to airport pointed by client within 7days. But, it will spend 3 days from Manufacturer warehouse to our warehouse through carrier, and custom clear and transferring need 2 days, so only two days is for flying time. In this Case, in order to guarantee client receiving goods in time, goods is transferred directly from factory to Beijing Airport by our truck, and save 4 days for client. Goods reach destination on time, and finished custom clearance.Client is very happy.


  • We always adhere to the principle of the supremacy of customers, clearly understand the packaging according to customer specifications is very important, which can reduce waste and facilitate the use of customers and meet all the necessary regulatory and security requirements. We have well equipped and use precise particle to control work area,various sizes of packaging can be packed , ranging from milligrams to 25kg barrels.
  • Case Show
    One customer needs to divide 1kg of expensive API into 200 parts in 5g bags. Therefore, we had to weigh the powder by hand. Because our company has cutting-edge weighing equipment, patient dedicated staff, so customer requirements have been met.
  • A customer needs order number, manufacturer, exporter, importer and other information printed on the product label. Although factory standard labels do not include such information, our labeling systems address these special requirements.


  • As a professional trading company, our company has its own independent and perfect warehousing system, our warehouse is located in Tianjin, covers an area of 500 square meters, one of our main business model is based on a large area of inventory, accordingly,we can make a quick response as per the customer's request to ensure that the shipment is short, implement the schedule on time.
  • Case Show
    Early each quarter one client send all details about quality and quantity of products for whole quarter and request partial shipment. At the same time, client internal rule have rigid restrictions for level of inventory and quality.So we help customers save the same batch of goods ready for delivery in any time.