Natural extract

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Product NameSpecification
African Mango Seeds Extract10:1 TLC
Alfalfa Extract10:1
Aloe Vera ExtractAloin 20% HPLC
Artichoke Extract10:1 TLC
Astragalus ExtractPolysaccharide 50% UV
4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Bacopa Monnieri Extract50% Bacosides UV
Barley Grass Extract10:1
Bitter Melon Extract5:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Momordicoside 10% UV
Astragalus ExtractPolysaccharide 50% UV
4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Bacopa Monnieri Extract50% Bacosides UV
Barley Grass Extract10:1
Bitter Melon Extract5:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Momordicoside 10% UV
Black Cohosh Extract4:1 TLC
Blue Berry Extract10:1 TLC
Boswelia Serrata ExtractBoswellic acid 65% Titration
Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract10:1
Broccoli Extract4:1 TLC
Burdock Root Extract10:1
Cactus Extract10:1
Cascara Sagrada Extract4:1 TLC
Cassia Seed Extract10:1 TLC
Celery Seed Extract5:1
4:1 TLC
Chamomile Extract10:1
Chicory Extract10:1 TLC
4:1 TLC
Chinese Thorowax Root Extract5:1
Cinnamon Extract10:1 TLC
Polyphenol10% UV
Cissus Quadrangularis PE4:1 TLC
Cistanche Tubulosa Extract10:1 TLC
Citrus ExtractCitrus flavonoids 5% UV
Citrus Powderpowder
Clary Sage extract10:1 TLC
Cnidium Extract5:1
Codonopsis Root5:1
Corn Silk Extract4:1 TLC
Cortex Phellodendri Extract10:1
Cransbill Extract /Geranium Leaf10:1
Damiana Extract10:1 TLC
Dandelion Extract4:1 TLC
Dandelion Root Extract10:1 TLC
Dendrobium Extract10:1 TLC
Dong Quai Extract10:1 TLC
Ligustilide 1% HPLC
Echinacea Extract4% Polyphenol
Elderberry Extract10:1 TLC
Epimedium ExtractIcariin 10% HPLC
Icariins 5% HPLC
20% Icariin HPLC
Eyebright Extract10:1 TLC
Fenugreek Seed Extract50% Saponins
Feverfew extract10:1 TLC
Garlic Extract10:1 TLC
4:1 TLC
Ginger ExtractGingerol 5% HPLC
Ginger Root PE5% Gingerols
Ginkgo Biloba Extract10:1 TLC
Ginseng Extract4:1 TLC
Goji Berry ExtractWolfberry polysaccharide 50% UV
Grape seed ExtractProanthocyanide95% UV
Proanthocyanide98% and Polyphenol 80% UV
Green Coffee Bean ExtractChlorogenic acid 10% HPLC
Chlorogenic acid 25% HPLC
Hawthorn Extract10:1 TLC
Hawthorn leaf Extract2%
Hops Extract10:1 TLC
Holy Basil Extract4:1 TLC
Horsetail Extractorganosilicon 7%
Huperzia Serrate ExtractHuperzine-A 1% HPLC
Jujube Extract5:1
Lemon Balm Extract4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Licorice root extract4:1 TLC
Lophatherum Extract10:1
Lotus Leaf Extract10:1
Maca Extract4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Marshmallow Extract10:1 TLC
Mother wort10:1
Mucuna Pruriens Extract10:1 TLC
Mulberry Extract10:1 TLC
Mulberry Leaf Extractflavone 3%
flavone 2%
flavone 1%
Mullein Extract10:1 TLC
Mushroom Extract10:1 TLC
Natto Extract10,000 FU/G UV
Nettle Extract10:1 TLC
Oat Straw Extract4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Onion P.E.10:1
Oregano Grass Extract10:1 TLC
Papaya Extract4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Passion flower extractCitrus flavonoids5%
Peppermint Dry Extract5:1
Pomegranate Peel ExtractPolyphenols 40% UV
Puerariae Root40%
Pumpkin Seeds Extract4:1 TLC
10:1 TLC
Pygeum Extract10:1 TLC
Raspberry Fruit ExtractKaspberry ketone 4% HPLC
Red Clover Extract10:1 TLC
Red Yeast Rice ExtractMonacolin -K 0.2% HPLC
0.4% Monacolin -K HPLC
Rehmammia Root5:1
Rehmannia Extract10:1 TLC
Reishi Mushroom ExtractGanoderma Lucidum polysaccharides 60% UV
Rhodiola Rosea ExtractRosavins 3% and Salidrosided 1% HPLC
Rose Fruit extract10:1 TLC
Saw Palmetto Berry ExtractFatty Acid≥25%
Schisandra Berry Extract4:1 TLC
Senna Leaf Extract10:1 TLC
Siberian Ginseng ExtractEleutheroside 0.8% HPLC
4:1 TLC
Siberian Solomonseal Rhizome Extract10:1
Songaria Cynomorium5:1
Sophora Japonica Extract95% NF11 Rutin UV
Quercetin Dihydrate 95% HPLC
St.John's Wort ExtractHypericin 0.3% UV
Tribulus ExtractSaponins 90%
Saponins 60%
Tribulus Terrestris ExtractTotal Saponins 40% UV
Total Saponins 90% UV
Trinulus ExtractSaponins 90%
Turmeric extractCurcumin 95%
Uva-Ursi Leaves Extract10:1 TLC
Valerian Root Extract4:1 TLC
Valerian Root Extract10:1 TLC
Valerian Root Extract0.8% Valeric Acid
Wheat Grass Extract10:1
White Kidney Bean Extract4:1 TLC
White Peony Root ExtractPeony glycosides 10% HPLC
White Willow Bark ExtractSalicin 15% HPLC
Wild Chrysanthemum Extract10:1 TLC
Yohimbe Bark ExtractYohimbine 2% HPLC