Khonsu has its own laboratory,providing analytical testing services for global pharmaceutical manufacturers, raw material suppliers 

and product development partners.

Making Khonsu a highly professional company that cannot be found in other trading companies.


-Professional Staff

This department is run by our highly skilled QC team consists of analytical chemists and laboratory technicians.
Under the leadership of 30 years-experience QC, we ensure that our team can bring you professional and efficient service.


The advanced laboratory is furnished with all the necessary equipments and instruments to allow the analysis of substances.Including 

HPLC,GC,Moisture Analyzer, Melting Point, Polarimeter, UV Spectrophotometer, Dryer, Muffle Furnace ...

-Quality Police

we are determined to continuously contribute to the growth of the phar-maceutical industry and support people for their healthier lives.

In addition,we wil never be satisfied with the status and pant to instroduce advanced analytical instruments to evaluates the quality of

APIs,sets API specifications and testing methods.

We experience an increasing demang for analyse.Our analytical laboratory is constantly being updated to meet industry standards and 

client expectations.